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Business Concept

Controlling the Airworthiness of an aircraft is a requirement that is incumbent upon all aircraft Operators, Lessors and Owners or their agents and is often referred to as Continuing Airworthiness Management. Current Airworthiness Management regulations make the process of Controlling the Airworthiness of an aircraft an extremely complex task which is normally undertaken using purpose built computer based Airworthiness Management programs such as Fame.

Fame is partnered with FlyerTech who are an independent Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation providing Continuing Airworthiness Management services to aircraft operators and owners. Working closely with FlyerTech in 2001 we initially developed an Airworthiness Management solution to address FlyerTech’s needs. We continued to develop Fame into an “off-the-shelf” product and since 2006 we have been providing Fame to other customers who now use Fame as their primary Airworthiness Management tool.

Fame is a web based Airworthiness & Inventory Management solution and our service is delivered on-line, as such there are no hidden costs such as IT Hardware or database software. It is often the case that locally hosted solutions require a stand-alone server complete with a server operating system user licences for a database such as SQL or Oracle etc. Because Fame is delivered on-line, Fame users are able to avoid these significant costs. In addition there are no local administrator costs, we will manage and maintain the infrastructure, including providing program upgrades and data back-up and restore services. This will mean that there will be little or no impact upon the user’s IT Support Organisation. In summary, all Fame’s users have to do is use Fame and not worry about other hidden costs.