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The Fleet Module
Fame’s Fleet Module is the default start-up module for Fame, after the user has successfully logged into Fame, the Fleet Module is automatically displayed, find out more »

The Tech Log Module
The Tech Log Module of Fame is used to enter data relating to the Operation and Maintenance of the aircraft. In order to track the maintenance status of the aircraft, find out more »

The Maintenance Module
Fame’s Maintenance Module is used to register and manage Aircraft Maintenance Programs at Task and Check level, produce, issue, manage and control Maintenance Work Packs (Work Orders), find out more »

The Components Module
Fame’s Components Module is used to register and manage Part Numbers and their associated Maintenance Controls, register and manage Components and their associated Maintenance Controls, find out more »

The Reliability Module
It is normally the case that an Operator monitors the performance of their fleet of aircraft by recording data relating to the operational and maintenance status and history of their aircraft, find out more »

The Documents Module
Many of the Airworthiness Management functions that Fame provides relate to processes that are recorded and certified in the real world on hard copy documents, find out more »

The Stores Module
The Stores Module is used to manage the Operator’s inventory of spares, from ordering new stock to controlling stock levels and performing stock taking, Fame’s stores module allows users to integrate Airworthiness Management with Inventory Control, find out more »

The Administration Module
This is where the access to and utilisation of Fame is controlled and managed in order that Fame is able to function in line with the user’s expectations, find out more »

Due List
The Due List in Fame is used to review, manage and control the maintenance requirements of the managed aircraft. The Due List is used as a working aid and as fleet oversight for Fame users, find out more »

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