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The Documents Module

Many of the Airworthiness Management functions that Fame provides relate to processes that are recorded and certified in the real world on hard copy documents. As such, in order to support the Airworthiness Management of aircraft that are registered in Fame copies of such documents need to be retained and stored within the compliment of aircraft technical records.


The identification and retrieval process used to withdraw documents for a compliment of aircraft records is at best only as good as the system utilised to catalogue and manage the documents in storage. And no matter how robust that document management system might be, documents loss is almost inevitable at some stage in the life of an aircraft given the volume of documents and complexities involved.

In order to assist with the management of Aircraft Technical Records associated with the airworthiness management of an aircraft, Fame provides the ability to import “electronic copies” of documents and link them to related elements with Fame. This capability is provided within all modules of Fame and is managed in Fame’s Documents Module.