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Aircraft Pre-Purchase Reviews

Fame is partnered with FlyerTech who are an independent Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation providing Continuing Airworthiness Management services to aircraft operators and owners. As well as supplying Airworthiness Support Services, FlyerTech have a wealth of experience in performing Pre-Purchase and Pre-Lease Inspections on behalf of Aircraft Lessors, Operators and Owners.

Prior to Leasing or Purchasing an Aircraft or an Engine, FlyerTech will send an appropriately experienced and skilled Engineer to perform a review of the Aircraft or Engine and the associated Technical Records.  The review will be performed to the standards of an EASA ARC Review. Following the review our Engineer will produce a detailed report offering an insight into the compliance status of the asset with lease conditions and airworthiness requirements as well as recommendations for remedial action.

The comprehensive Technical Reports that result from these inspections and reviews assist with an understanding of the condition, maintenance status, airworthiness and ultimately value of the aircraft and can identify problem areas which the perspective buyer or Lessee should be aware of prior to committing to the aircraft.

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FlyerTech - Pre-Purchase Reviews